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We are the #1 Virus & Spyware Removal Specialist in the Lehigh Valley! Have your virus & spyware removed for $50.00 the SAME DAY RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES GUARANTEED OR YOU PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!)…..PLUS you will also get a FREE Virus & Spyware software absolutely free with your service!!!

There are all sorts of new people advertising cut rate services. Please remember the old saying “You get what you pay for.”

Are you having problems keeping your internet explorer stable, getting unknown programs telling you that you have infections and you need to purchase their software and always getting redirected to other websites? If you have noticed your pc is much slower and are waiting too long to do the basic things on your pc then most likely you have been infected by a rootkit, a trojan or maybe a browser hijacker. If the problems are not dealt with soon enough it can result in much higher fees to remove them in the future.

Million’s of people every year in the U.S fall victim to identity theft which can ruin your credit and especially your life. You may even have a keylogger installed on your pc recording your every keystroke right now and don’t even know it? Don’t be the next victim to identity theft so call us now to protect your privacy and your crucial data now!!!

http://www.wezapviruses.com 610-570-3969


Virus & Spyware Removal
Data Backup & Recovery
Printer, Camera and other Hardware Installation
Website Promotion & Design
Software Installation
Password Reset/Recovery
New Windows Installation (VISTA,7, 8)
Computer Tune Up and Case Cleaning
Other services available, just ask.
If you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to visit us at our website at http://www.wezapviruses.com or contact us at 610-570-3969 for more info

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Why should I get rid of this virus, my computer seems fine

Because in this day and age, computer viruses perform many immoral and illegal activities on your computer. Most, but not all infections begin with a “dropper”, which is a special kind of virus that usually comes from infected websites and advertising servers. This “dropper’s” job is to exploit any browser vulnerabilities it finds to establish a beach head occupation on your computer, much like a group of soldiers invading a foreign territory.


If you see any sign of viral activity, STOP what you are doing, shut down your computer, then give me a call at 610-570-3969. The longer you leave an infected computer powered on, the deeper the viruses dig into your computer. Here is how it usually happens.


Once the “dropper” finishes the initial infection, it begins broadcasting its location over the internet and calls for help to the command and control servers. These servers are the brains behind the whole operational objective, which is to conquer your computer. These command and control servers then begin sending other viruses to load onto the victim’s machine in order to secure it against anti-virus attacks from any installed anti virus software like Norton, McAffee, etc. In some cases, a user may see an official looking “FBI” warning on your screen instructing you how to pay off the ransom.


While this assault is going on, the viruses are searching your computer files looking for anything the criminal can use to make money such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and any other personal information the criminals can use to make a dollar. Once the rootkit is downloaded and installed and working, the battle is completely lost and your computer becomes a mindless zombie in service to a criminal mastermind somewhere on the Internet.


Rootkits are the most dangerous type of malicious software because it infects the system kernel, or mind of the operating system. It “hides” behind the computers “eyes”, making the computer think all is well with the world when in fact it has been possessed and taken over by the botnet.


Botnets are collections of computers that have been taken over with many viruses, effectively turning them into an army of “Zombie” computers. This botnet, or collection of infected computers, then spreads more malware throughout the internet. These botnets are also used to send spam messages, conduct denial of service attacks on other websites, and sometimes even hiring out the botnet to other criminals to use as they see fit.


But, you don’t have to accept this conclusion. You can give me a call at 610-570-3969. I can break the cycle, get rid of all the viruses, and give control of your computer back to you. I have over 25+ years of experience I can put to work for you. I have a special going on right now where I only charge $50 to remove the viruses from your computer. Yes, there are some who do not charge as much. But are they thorough? Are you getting your money’s worth? I will explain exactly what I do step by step, in effect showing you what and why it happened, and most important how to prevent it from happening again.


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Thank you for looking

Hello there, and please excuse the virtual dust. We are a recently started company looking for new business or residential customers. Do you wonder if someone has put monitoring software on your computer? (Your antivirus software will not detect any decent keyloggers, and neither will you…) Want to insure your online activities remain private? Need confidential advice, service or password recovery? We can help. We have the expertise and software to give you the answers and security you can discreetly count on. Get the peace of mind you’ve earned with our confidential $50 service call in your home or office

– General Consulting

– Virus/Spyware removal a specialty

– Wireless/ Wired Network Setup – Can also run cable!

– Training and tutoring available

– New Computer / Server Setup

– Remote Support

– Software, hardware, and wireless troubleshooting

– All repairs warrantied for 30 days

Normal Rates:

$50 malware removal special.

$50/hr – First hour paid, no matter what

Travel Fees – anything over 15 minutes from Allentown is a flat $20 per trip

Terms are Cash or credit card only unless other arrangements are made in advance

Business Rates:

Service Contracts Available – Monthly billing for time block of hours – Once hours are exhausted, hourly rates will apply

Travel Fees – anything over 15 minuites from Allentown is a flat $15 per trip – If under contract, fees are written into contract

Honest, friendly, and upfront service. Remember, you get what you pay for. Please call 610-570-3969. If no answer PLEASE leave message. Calls will be returned as soon as possible. Thank you.

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